When you are married to your main care giver, even if for a few years or 43 like myself, it is impossible not to have occasional disagreements or arguments. We are two different personalities, with our own ideas and opinions. 

Over the course of many years we have learned which buttons should not be pushed, what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior and to respect what each of us believes. 

Throw a chronic illness into the mix and all the years of understanding can change in an instant. We had to develop a new normal due to our roles changing as I became more disabled. 

In the middle of an argument, if I needed help with transferring or dressing, my anger has to be pushed aside to receive the “in my personal space help that I require”. Forced to hug each other, we have discovered that what ever the disagreement was, it works itself out when unconditional love shows up.

Recently, my angel that I spoke about in a previous post was in a traffic accident that will prevent her from working for at least six weeks. We have decided to experiment without the help she provided. So once again our roles will be changing, as the laundry, meals and household chores will rest on Nicks shoulders, with occasional help from family and friends. 

I am eternally grateful to be married to a man with so much empathy, compassion and positivity who approaches each day with a smile and a willing attitude.