A restful night’s sleep is important for a healthy person but even more so for someone who is dealing with a chronic illness. 

I have always suffered with falling asleep, but once there would pretty much sleep soundly till morning.

This became more difficult to achieve after MS symptoms affected my body. Stiffness, cramping, numbness and a brain that refused to turn off all contributed to the REM sleep deprivation that I experienced.

The mattress we had was several years old and contributed to the problem. So, we went searching for one that would be comfortable for me. 

Side note: My husband is able to sleep anywhere at any time regardless of noise or any other distractions.

We tried a firm mattress with a pillow top, a soft mattress, a tempur pedic, (comfortable, but be prepared to sleep in one spot all night), and a sleep number bed. Finally, something that worked! I was able to set my perfect firmness as well as avoid pressure points.

The Sleep Number served its purpose for several years, until I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, which is an entirely different story that I will share in another post.

After experimenting with several CPAP options with little success, we revisited the Sleep Number store. The newest bed on the market is a split king that allows me to raise or lower the head and feet to achieve my preferred levels. I raise my head to reduce the sleep apnea and my feet to relieve swelling in the legs and feet.

Here’s a warning: they are very expensive, depending on what options you require.

Other mattress manufacturers have recently hopped on the trend of adjustable bases. Another option is to purchase foam pieces that achieve the same result, which is what I use when traveling.

So, there you go. I hope this information will help if you are suffering from sleep deprivation.

Good night!