Hello all!

Today I want to share about traveling with MS or any other neurological, chronic illness you may be suffering from.

I have many stories and travel tips to share but will focus on one in particular for this post.

For the last several years I have been unable to stay at home overnight while my husband is required to work out of town covering southwest Nebraska, northern Colorado, parts of western Colorado and towns as far north as Cody, Wyoming. This adds up to a lot of time in a vehicle. 

As I am in a wheelchair and not able to stand on my own, my personal CNA (my husband) has to take me into the restroom stops along the way. This poses a problem as most facilities only offer a handicap accessible toilet within the regular bathroom. We try to check each restroom for other occupants but sometimes women enter and are a bit shocked and irritated when we exit. 

Funny story: When I was still able to use the restroom on my own, we stopped at your basic state operated rest area. It had a handicap sign and the stall at the end as usual. 

I entered the stall and locked the door. The toilet was very low, almost child sized. I thought, “well that’s stupid”, however, there were grab bars on either side and I assumed I would be able to pull up. Well, MS had other ideas, because as I was pulling up my knees gave way and I ended up on the floor of a dirty public restroom. So, what now? Thank goodness there was a woman in the adjacent stall. I explained my predicament and she gladly told my husband what had happened. Trouble is, I couldn’t reach the lock on the door, so he had to crawl under the door to assist me. Needless to say I never did that again! As I have mentioned before, sometimes finding humor in a situation can dissipate anger and embarrassment.

So what alternatives are there?

*Visitor information centers:

    These almost always provide private family 

    restrooms that are cleaned regularly, well lit and

    safe. There is a visitor center located just south of

    Cheyenne, WY that is usually staffed and           



    Public private family restrooms are on the main level,

    always clean and we have never been approached   

    by anyone as to why we are there.


     Although not always clean, their restrooms are        

     private and easily accessible.

*City offices:

     A good option if you don’t mind exiting the highway.

I would love to hear about other options that you have discovered along your own journey. Please share!