In July we made a trip up to Aspen, one of the many trips we make twice a year. Until recently we always drove our own car which is easy for me to get in and out of. Now we are encouraged to rent a vehicle.

A few days before the trip, my husband (Nick) pulled a muscle in his back which made it almost impossible for him to function let alone transfer me.

The rental we received was an SUV, requiring Nick to lift me up into the passenger seat rather than a lateral transfer. 

This is where the nightmare began. 

As he lifted me up my head hit the door frame, that caused an explosion of words from me. His phone was in his breast pocket and Siri exclaimed “I know right!”. We looked at each other in amazement and burst into laughter. 

When we arrived at the hotel the desk clerk informed us that a handicapped room had not been reserved, and would a regular room on the second floor do?

With no other option we asked which direction the elevator was. She responded, “There is no elevator”.

I was sitting right in front of her in a wheelchair. So she gave us a room on the first floor. 

Upon entering the room we discovered that the door to the very small bathroom was not wide enough to fit the wheelchair through, which meant Nick would have to drag me from the chair to the toilet. This was something we had done before although not with an injured back. 

We ordered dinner from a Mexican restaurant that evening. I always order a chicken chimichanga with no guacamole or sour cream. What I got was a chimichanga smothered in sour cream. I ate chips and salsa for dinner that night. 

In the morning as Nick drug me to the toilet, his big toe   

crashed into mine causing a fountain of blood to spew all over the floor and carpet. 

At this point I just wanted to go home and remove the last two days from my mind.

The moral of this story? 

Always call ahead to make sure the room you reserved is the correct room.

Check your pick-up order to be sure it is what you ordered before leaving the restaurant.

And finally, wear shoes when being drug across the room!

Happy Halloween!