Anyone who has perfect health one day and not on the next, can understand the shock of an MS diagnosis. 

When I was diagnosed in 2006, I had a picture in my mind of me in a wheelchair needing assistance with everyday tasks. Well, surprise, that is exactly where I am today.

There were very few treatment options 18 years ago, and most with intolerable side effects. I pretty much tried them all but my disability was not to be stopped. A PA once told me that if I can hold on for ten years there would be huge advances in the treatment of MS.

Several years later, a drug was approved that halted the progression of lesions, in me, although the damage had already been done.

At this point I am only interested in clinical trials that focus on the repair of the myelin sheath. Not only for me but for anyone that is suffering from this ridiculous disease.

I will continue to fight, every day for a cure.