*To be angry about your illness.

Until I accepted each phase of my disease, the progression from a cane to a walker to a wheelchair I had many days of physical anger. I found it comforting to throw a cane or push a walker over, and although that sounds childish, sometimes it was the only way to release frustration.

*To feel like no one understands.

It is so very easy to end up on the pity pot when comparing my disease to anyone else’s disease progression or compare myself to any healthy person. We all have a cross to bear, and I should never compare my pain to your pain.

*To feel afraid for the future.

This is a big one. When I am having a bad day whether it is physical or mental, falling into the future trap can only hurt my today’s. Going from self-sufficient to becoming a burden is probably my greatest fear. 

*To go back and forth with acceptance.

As each new symptom appears or I become a little more disabled it is ok to feel sorrow for who I was yesterday. I have to remind myself that each day is an opportunity to improve on the things I still can do.

*To grieve your old self.

I loved who I was in the past, but the person I am today, despite MS, has made me more approachable, compassionate and loving.