The last thing that I ever thought I would be referred to, is an inspiration. When a friend or stranger would say to me that I inspired them, I merely thought that it was a nice compliment rather than an idea that would cause a change in behavior. 

Every morning doing what is in front of me whether difficult or easy requires an attitude of positivity.

My husband and I have been members of the same church for more than 25 years. Once I became non-ambulatory it became easier for me to sit at the end of a pew in the front. Nick transfers me from the wheelchair to the seat when we arrive and back to the chair before we exit. One Sunday morning a lady came over to me and said what an inspiration we were to her and her husband as they watched the show of love and caring we had for each other. She has since become a very dear friend.

After I joined a Bible study group, I received a wonderful surprise when three of the men built a wheelchair ramp for me to make it easier to attend. Seeing the effort that we made to get me up the garage steps of the leaders home inspired them to perform such a kind gesture.

We never know how are words and actions can influence the people around us. So keep smiling and never give up!