Some times in the midst of chronic illness it is difficult to find anything positive and so easy to fall into the negative trap. I may not recognize my accomplishments until looking back at a later date. For a long time I was focused on all that I couldn’t do. 

For example: my power wheelchair sat in our garage for two years collecting dust and draining the battery, until I finally accepted the fact that I needed it. I couldn’t see past the image of Doctor Finkelstein in Nightmare Before Christmas. Trolling around with his hinged skullcap. LOL!

What I didn’t realize was the freedom the power chair would give me. I was able to meet my granddaughter at the bus stop without having someone to push me, I could move around my home whether I was in the middle of exhaustion or not, I could join friends for long walks, I could reach anything above me just by pushing a button to raise or lower the chair and my young grandkids fight over who gets the next ride.

There are still times when a manual chair is appropriate, but now I have the choice.