The month of March is Multiple Sclerosis awareness month.

I will take this opportunity to share the effects of MS on the body, but also the things that it cannot take from me.


Cognitive changes

Hormonal effects

Frequent urination, incontinence 

Difficulty walking

Optic neuritis 

Numbness, pain

Constipation, diarrhea 

Sexual problems 

Muscle weakness, spasticity, spasms

This is only a small list, as everyone’s MS is different.

Most of these are invisible symptoms, making it difficult for anyone to believe I am actually sick. 

Despite what MS throws at me, there are things that remain that it cannot take from me.

Cripple true love

Kill real friendship 

Conquer my spirit 

Steal courage and determination 

Deplete faith

Invade my inner being

Destroy HOPE!