Wintertime in Colorado can be mild or crazy extreme, so be ready for anything!

We have just come off of three days of below zero temperatures and wind chills averaging -3 to -26. 

How has this affected me? Basically, I have become a hermit since a week ago Sunday. 

Sudden changes in temperature will turn me into a 2×4.  I immediately start to shiver, shake and tense up as soon as the blast of cold air hits me. As circulation is non-existent in my hands and feet, it may take 6 to 8 hours to warm back up again, even with the use of an electric blanket. Thus, I am limited to staying indoors during a frigid cold snap.

Even though the cold can cause symptoms to exacerbate, high summer temperatures and humidity can be just as miserable, but with the opposite result.

Going from air conditioning to hot and humid causes extreme weakness, I refer to it as “jelly legs”. Whenever I attend the MS 150 bike ride that takes place in June, I usually end up sitting in the car until friends are close to the finish line. There are some options available to ease these effects, with some success, but only temporarily.

Living in Colorado is a great option when you have been diagnosed with MS.  Lots of sunny days, low humidity in the summer months and the best MS doctors in the country. Probably why Colorado has more MS patients than any other state in the US.