When I first began writing for this blog, my main intent was to share experience, strength and hope to the many other sufferers with Multiple Sclerosis or any other disease that causes physical and/or mental disabilities. I realize that many of my thoughts and stories may not fit your own, but hope that if even one experience is relatable, then my goal was reached. 

What I did not expect, was how writing about all the memories and events would impact my own ideas about MS and how it has affected me personally.

Going back over each post to read again has made me laugh, cry, get angry and accept how my life has changed because of MS. It has made me a better writer and thinker. I have had to look up alternative words in a dictionary so as not to repeat specific ideas and words when writing down my thoughts. I have discovered how maybe to perform things differently when they occur. 

Who knew that I would benefit so much!