A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis or any of the chronic illnesses that can change your way of life, requires an open mind and acceptance that it will be different from what you thought. 

I have discovered many things that help my day to day survival. 

  1. The installation of grab bars in the bathroom can help stabilize any actions you attempt.
  2. Get rid of any loose rugs or mats on floors to prevent tripping or falling.
  3. If drop foot is a problem, hardwood or vinyl floors eliminates possible falls.
  4. A roll in shower is a great option although there are many selections of shower chairs that can alter the entrance of a tub.
  5. If using a wheelchair, ramps to replace stairs and portable ramps for curbs or thresholds make accessibility easier.
  6. Grabbers allow me to pick up items that are dropped (which is a daily issue).
  7. Tumblers for cold or hot beverages with a handle and a straw keep me from spilling liquid.
  8. Electric recliners are a godsend allowing me to achieve a comfortable position on my own.
  9. Handicap tags or license plates provide me with easier parking locations.
  10. Socks or shoes with rubber grips on the bottom prevent sliding falls.                                                                

I imagine many of you have ideas and suggestions that make your life easier.

Please share!