I love the quote that I posted today, because it mentions some of the less obvious signs and symptoms that no one sees on the outside of me.

I have never understood how a small drop of water, a piece of corn or a grain of rice can literally choke me to the point of death! I have to slow down, chew food thoroughly and try not to talk in the middle of it all.

In the last few years my digestive track has gone completely crazy. After eating or drinking anything, what sounds like a clogged drain trying desperately to empty, is how my stomach sends food or drink down to the intestines.

When in a group of people that are all talking at once, my brain will shut down to the degree that I don’t hear anything. Sitting in a busy coffee shop can be a sensory explosion.

When my husband asks me what restaurant I would like to go to, I can’t make a decision and usually let him decide.

Regardless of all these small but significant symptoms, I try to remain positive for my own sanity and well-being.