When first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, everything I read about the disease and was told by medical professionals leaned towards the idea that MS did not cause pain. I now believe that the actual disease doesn’t contribute to pain but rather the symptoms are the culprit.

Spasticity, muscle atrophy, migraines, naked nerve endings and falls can all generate physical and emotional discomfort. 

Pain can be relatively light, like pins and needles or as severe as an electric shock similar to a cattle prod. It can also fluctuate based on the individual’s activity level or non activity level. 

On a rating scale of 1 to 10 (which doctors use), my pain level on a good day can range from 3 to 5. On a bad day it will go up significantly. 

There are several options to deal with pain, (medicine, oral or intravenous, physical therapy, acupuncture, exercise, nerve blocks, intrathecal etc.) but I have never found any thing that diminishes it completely or for a long period of time. The emotional effects of pain depends solely on my attitude. 

I have MS, but I refuse to let it have me!