My disability journey began only a few short years after being diagnosed in February of 2006.

I began experiencing severe fatigue, weakness, spasticity, nerve pain and tripping from foot drop which eventually led to the use of a cane. At least it gave people around me to not question my sobriety, using a travel wheelchair for longer distances. 

Funny story, while looking for a Christmas gift in a coin shop, a little girl about 5 yrs old, after staring at me for 

several minutes, stated ”I know why you are in a wheelchair, because you’re old!” (I was 40ish at the  time) Smiling at her I replied, “I have an illness that has taken away the use of my legs”. Not convinced, she walked out the door. Compared to MS, old age is not a bad option. Ha! 

At this time I still had some symptom relief but those moments were few and far between. Most of my scar tissue is located in the c-spine causing more physical disability than cognitive, optic neuritis or swallowing. Desperate for something or anything to work I investigated alternative treatments. Lots of PT, aquatic exercise, acupuncture, Reike, diet changes, stem cells and supplements.

Well, MS didn’t get the memo, because my physical disabilities continued to decline.