In a previous post entitled “The Friendly Skies”, I wrote about the last time my husband and I flew, sharing the obstacles that we faced.

Well, we have decided to give the friendly skies another chance.

My niece in Texas is graduating and we decided to fly again, only because I found great non-stop flights at a decent price and the weather won’t be quite as hot as it will be later in the summer.

This time we are being proactive in the expectations about what we might face. 

The first thing we did is contact the airline about my disability requirements, to get seats reserved in the front of the plane (without having to pay extra), that I will need an aisle chair at the gate to board the plane, and how to handle the storing of my manual wheelchair so that it doesn’t get damaged in the cargo space. 

I purchased a canvas zippered bag that will store any parts that could be easily lost before, during and after the fight. This bag will stay with me and qualify as a carry-on to be stored under my seat or in the overhead bin.

Being that it is only a 2 hour flight, I hopefully won’t need to use the facilities until we land. I was not aware that the airline is required to provide an accessible option for people with disabilities.

Every airline web-site has a full explanation of what is required of them in making the disabled persons trip as stress free as possible.

So, wish me luck on this next adventure!