There are many strange and bizarre symptoms that appear whenever the nervous system is damaged due to MS lesions. To explain this phenomenon I have an easy to understand explanation. Nerve fibers in the brain and cervical spine are damaged when the immune system attacks itself destroying the myelin sheath that covers and protects them. This causes a disconnect so that when a message from the brain is sent to a body part, the message gets cut off or sent in a different direction. Similar to the rubber coating that surrounds a wire that gets damaged, causing a short in the wire. 

Due to this disruption, referred to as lesions, peculiar symptoms occur. Because there are billions of nerves that can be affected each individuals symptoms vary according to where the damage is located.

Most of my damage is located in the cervical spine, which is why I am non-ambulatory. Other ridiculous symptoms that I deal with on a daily, weekly or irregular basis include an uncontrollable, persistent itch in the arch of my right foot, tingling in my fingertips when I bend my head down, nerve pain that travels from my pelvis to my feet that feels like an electric shock, indescribable fatigue and migraines, just to name a few. None of these can be seen when someone looks at me, but know that they are always there. 

Most of us on the MS merry-go-round don’t need pity, just understanding.