I hope that everyone had a blessed thanksgiving with family and friends!

To continue where I left off a week ago, I have to admit, there are several more discrepancies that popped into my memory about hotels.

Sorry Hampton Inn, but you will be mentioned again.

Grab bars are required around the toilet, but you also attached the towel holder above the bar, causing me to duck and lose my balance, ending up on the floor.

Another hotel had installed a walk in tub that was so big that it blocked the bathroom door from opening. A sign on the wall said “do not use as a tub”. 

And yet another Hampton Inn informed us that they could not supply us with a shower chair, (although we had stayed there before and had one) so my husband took a padded conference room chair for me to use. Ridiculous!

I can’t stress enough to call ahead before you arrive at your destination. While checking in at a Hilton we were informed that the handicap room we had reserved had been occupied by someone that was not handicapped and had decided to stay another night. 

They refused to move the person into a non handicapped room, thus we had to make do with a regular room.

There is some good news though!

Congratulations are in order for the Hilton Garden Inn, located off Harmony Road in Fort Collins, Colorado.

When we arrived, it was apparent that they had done a complete remodel in the last 6 months since we had previously stayed there.

When opening the door to our handicap accessible room, on the 1st floor, I was greeted by no carpeting throughout the room! I have never seen that in a hotel! The room was very spacious, the bathroom had an accessible toilet with bars around it, the shower has an attached bench next to the controls and has no lip on the threshold. 

Amazing! Another small, but just as important to mention, there were no bars of soap anywhere to be found. If you are like me, a bar of soap in the bath or shower can be a nightmare. A pump container of soap is most welcome.  

So I have to say “You Did It Hilton Garden Inn”!